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  • 7 Time Saving Social Media Hacks

    What’s that you say? You don’t have any free time to work on your social media marketing? I hear ya, that stuff takes up a huge amount of time and effort!

    People don’t realise just how time-consuming it can be to get your social up to scratch, to constantly post just so you never leave the public eye and people don’t forget about you. But do not fear, there are ways you can keep up on your social media game and still have enough time to actually work on your business!

    With just a few simple tips and tools, you’ll be able to cut the time you need to spend on social in half, maybe even more! Whaat?! I know, it’s amazing.

    Time Saving Social Media Hacks

    7 Social Media Hacks to Save You Time!

    Automatic hashtags

    You know when you are sat there typing in the never-ending stream of hashtags on Instagram? You’re probably using the same hashtags again and again, so why not make things a little quicker!

    There’s a sneaky little phone hack that can make life a hell of a lot simpler. If you’ve got an iPhone, all you have to do is set up text replacement in your general settings. These shortcuts allow you to type in one codeword and bam! All of your hashtags just magically appear! Let me demonstrate…

    Go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > + 

    When it asks for ‘phrase’ this is where you put what hashtags you want to list, so for example, in the ‘phrase’ box you’d type in something like #art #photographer #artist #artistsofinstagram.

    Then, in the ‘shortcut’ box you type in the word that you want to use as the shortcut word. This might be something like ‘hashart’ or words to that effect.

    Once you’ve saved it, all you have to do is type your shortcut and all of your hashtags will appear in the suggested words section at the bottom. Click it and boom! All your hashtags will be automatically added.


    Use Zapier to automate everything!

    Zapier is a very handy IFFT tool (If this, then that) and it helps massively when trying to automate all of your social accounts. I have Zapier automation set up so anything I post on my Instagram account automatically gets posted on Pinterest.

    Zapier has tons of different integrations, some of the social media ones you can choose from are:

    • Share Instagram photos on Twitter automatically
    • Tweet your new WordPress posts automatically
    • Post image tweets from new Pinterest posts
    • Share new WordPress posts on Pinterest

    Setting up your Zapier automation couldn’t be easier. Just log in to your accounts and Zapier does everything else for you!



    Once you’ve set them up, you don’t need to do anything else, just sit back and post to one social media account and it will be distributed to all your other social accounts.


    Pre-prepare your Instagram posts in advance

    Did you know that you can line up all of your Instagram in advance, then all you have to do is push a post button and it will jump on over to your Instagram account.


    In Buffer, you choose which image you want to post on Instagram and type out your caption and hashtags. Then you can schedule it and when the time comes, Buffer will send you a little push notification to your phone and all you have to do is click post.

    Unfortunately, you can’t get it to post automatically, SORT IT OUT INSTAGRAM! But it does save a chunk of time to pre-prepare your Instagram posts before you need to post!


    Go on a scheduling spree

    It might be a pain in the backside to do, but getting all of your social media posts lined up for the week can be a huge time saver during those long work days. Spend your Monday-Friday focusing on your business and spend an hour or two on a Sunday to get all of your social posts lined up and ready to go.

    Using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite will allow you to write and schedule your posts and attach any images or videos you want to post out. They even come with handy apps that you can use whenever and wherever you need them.


    Re-purpose old content

    Got some images from a few years ago that you think aren’t relevant anymore? Wrong! All content is relevant at all times unless it’s seasonal, which is why what we call ‘evergreen’ content is always the best to create. Evergreen content is any content that is relevant no matter the time of year.

    Take a look in your archives and look at some of the old images, videos or other types of content you have lying about. Have a think about how you could make that content relevant to current events or anything else that may be going on in the world.


    Set up automatic weekly reports

    Don’t waste time checking your social media every 5 seconds, just set up reports to be sent to you automatically through Google Analytics!

    You can create reports to send you all of your social media data and how much traffic your social media is driving traffic back to your website, or if your Facebook ads are actually generating any customers for your business!


    Hand it all over to someone else!

    All of this sound way too much effort? Why not hire someone to do it all for you!

    There’s plenty of people online these days that are more than happy to take control of your social media management and advertising, like me! All those things you hate about managing your social media, that’s my passion in life!

    Want to find out more? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we could work together on getting social media in tip-top condition.


  • Using Pinterest as your Online Art Gallery

    Using Pinterest as an Art Gallery


    So you’ve got a spare room filled with canvases, frames, photo albums or sketchbooks. You drag everything to and from craft fairs and competitions, but you long for an easier way to show off your mind blowing work to the world.

    Well, this is where Pinterest comes in handy!  

    You may or may not be accustomed to Pinterest and if you’ve never logged on, you’re sure to have heard of it at least once in your life. No? Ok well hold on a second.

    Pinterest is one of the many, visual social media platforms that allows its users to ‘pin‘ images to ‘boards‘. Think of it as your own online mood board generator. You create these ‘boards‘ that act as visual folders that hold all of the awesome stuff you find on the internet. This also makes Pinterest one of the biggest search engines in the world… whaaat?!


    Ok, so why should I care about Pinterest?

    Well, for anyone looking to sell creative products, it is the place to be.

    Many of its users are women between the ages of 21-50, creative, middle class and lovers of anything art and design. You find armies of women at their laptops ‘pinning‘ their favourite recipes, artwork, designs, photographs and even holiday destinations!

    Here’s a few Pinterest stats for ya, just in case you don’t believe me about how popular this platform actually is:

    •  81% of users are female (told ya)
    • 72% of users use it to decide what to buy away from the online world – yup, that means they could see your work and later get in touch with you or even buy from you!
    • Over 5% of website traffic comes from people clicking through from Pinterest!

    Hopefully, that’s enough to convince you to at least give Pinterest a shot!


    Using Pinterest as your own personal gallery

    The layout of Pinterest’s ‘boards‘ make it the perfect platform for creating your own, personal online art gallery!

    Pinterest art layout example

    Look at it! It’s practically set up like one of those fancy art galleries! 

    You can now display your work to 10x the amount of art lovers than if you displayed it in a classic art gallery. That means you don’t have to jump through all those hoops and tackle the applications that can come with trying to get your work displayed in a traditional gallery!

    You can even host your own exhibitions! Create a different board for every exhibition you want to promote and start inviting people over for a cheeky peek!

    Want to collaborate with another like-minded creative? You can even create shared boards to get double the amount of eyeballs on your work!


    How to get started on Pinterest

    Just head on over to Pinterest and sign-up for an account. You can then start setting up boards for your own work and start pinning stuff you love as well!

    Attract people to your other boards by pinning awesome stuff straight from websites, online stores and your own website (especially from your own website!). Whatever you ‘pin‘ to your boards, will also have a link to the website on which you found it. So for example:

    Say you were cruising along on the web and you came across an awesome piece of art on someone’s website and you think ‘ooohhh that’s nice, I’ll save that to look at again later!‘ you can then use the Pinterest internet browser add-on, looks like this:

    It’ll pop up with a load of images that it pulls from whatever web page you’re on and you just pick which one you want!

    Then, it saves that image on your chosen board and when someone sees it on Pinterest, they can click on it and be taken to the web page you found the image on!

    Does that make sense? I hope so!


    Driving people back to your website!

    Not only does it get your work in front of more eyeballs, but it can also send those people to your website. So, make sure your website looks inviting and all snazzy so that those people want to stay a while and have a mooch around!

    Make sure whatever page you’ve pinned an image off on your website, is set up with calls to action (buttons or text that tells a website visitor where to go or what to do, for example, a ‘Buy Now!’ button or a contact form). This ensures that anyone who clicks through to your main website from Pinterest will be enticed to check out more of your work or even buy from you!

    Want to learn more about Pinterest? No problemo! Just let me know what areas of Pinterest you want to know more about and I’ll hop to creating more helpful Pinterest content! 




  • Beginners Guide to Twitter Ads 2017-2018

    Way back in 2015, I filmed a little video as a guide to Twitter ads over on YouTube and little did I know, it would gain traction and become my most watched video ever, whaaat?!

    Now, after much demand, I’ve filmed an updated version of that video. It’s been nearly 3 years and a lot has changed over on Twitter ads manager. That’s why I wanted to go through the backend of Twitter ads one more time, to make sure everyone is up to date!


    What does the video cover?

    You may be wondering what this amazing and awesome video actually covers. Well, I wanted to give people a detailed overview of creating a Twitter ad, so I’ve gone through making an ad from beginning to end.



    Setting up a campaign

    I show you how to create a campaign, talking you through choosing your campaign objective and how to set your budget for that particular campaign. This includes naming it correctly, choosing a sensible budget and choosing one of the suggested objectives.


    Managing the creative aspect of your ads

    From creating a brand new tweet to promote or choosing previous tweets, I talk you through how to create the perfect looking ad. We take a look at copy, using website cards, A/B testing and also where to place your ads on Twitter’s many ad networks.


    Honing your targeting to make your ads worth it

    Many people are a bit flippant when it comes to targeting, they basically just target every Tom, Dick and Harry and hope that one of them will want to buy from them. This is not the way to do it guys!

    Making sure you are specific and targeted with your Twitter ad audience targeting, could be the deciding factor as to whether your ads have any value.

    I give you a rundown of how to target your ads using Twitter’s extensive targeting options and a few sneaky ways you can piggyback off your main competitors!


    So what will I actually learn from watching the video?

    Once you’ve reached the end of the super awesome, amazingly produced video, you’ll have a better understanding of how and why you create Twitter ads, how you can reach the perfect audience and how to create the best Twitter ads possible!

    Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the latest tutorials and if you have anything you need a tutorial on, why not leave me a comment and let me know! I’m here to help after all!


    Looking for someone to take the weight of managing your business’ social media off you? Why not take a look at my social media managing service?!



  • How to use Twitter for Business

    Ah Twitter, the double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s an amazing tool for connecting and engaging with your target audience, helping boost your reach and brand loyalty. On the other hand, it’s filled with trolls and social minefields that could do a lot more harm than good!

    That’s why it is so important to be very aware and on the ball with what you put out onto the social interwebs! One poorly timed tweet and KABOOM!

    Scared? Don’t be. Twitter is nowhere near as scary as I’ve just made it out to be, I apologise for this. All it takes is a bit of planning and regular monitoring to be in with a marketing winner!


    Twitter for Business


    What is Twitter what does it do?

    Twitter, for those of you that have been living under a rock, or in some sort of delightful, tastefully decorated cave, is one of the leading social media platforms.

    Its real-time status updates, use of hashtags and being able to ‘re-tweet’ have all won the platform an army of loyal users. It has also proven to be the perfect way to get closer to your clients and customers, thanks to the ability to respond to queries within seconds!


    What is Twitter good for?

    Twitter is perfect for real-time conversations, which means a lot of businesses will use it for customer services. People love to tweet about issues directly to the company because they know that they’ll get a quicker response than if they sent you an email.

    You can even use Twitter ads to reach an even bigger audience, whaaat?! I’ll go through that a bit more in another post, but it’s worth knowing if you want to experiment with paid ads during your online marketing strategy!

    You can also find your people by doing some hashtag research. Use a tool such as Hashtagify to see what hashtags you should be using, based on ones your target audience already use! So if you want to find hashtags that are similar to #bbloggers, just type that into Hashtagify and see what other hashtags it suggests for you.


    How can Twitter benefit a business?

    When it comes to benefits, Twitter marketing pretty much has the same benefits as normal marketing. More eyes on your product/service and more brand recognition.

    In the online world, it will also help drive traffic to your website, which means you better make your landing pages the shiz, to be able to turn these Twitter visitors into converting users!

    Twitter is also the ideal way to keep in close contact with your audience. A vast majority of the population are scrolling through social media news feeds as they go about their life, so make sure you are getting right up in their faces!

    If you also want to cement a certain tone or brand identity for your business, you may use Twitter as a fun viral marketing strategy. Think Innocent Smoothies. If you’ve never checked out their Twitter feed, then get over there immediately! Innocent use their social media to promote their quirky and humorous tone, which thousands of people find hilarious and entertaining and subsequently share on their own Twitter feeds.

    This form of marketing gets up close and personal with users and creates a friendship and a bond that can be crucial, especially for small businesses or solopreneurs. More people are likely to buy from you if they like you and you make them happy, simples.





    What can businesses do to get one up on Twitter?

    Sit down and have a right old think about how you can be creative with this platform. Simply throwing together a text tweet that says ‘Buy now’ does not work. That may work for PPC ad copy, but for social, it’s all about being creative and being able to create a response and emotion in your audience.

    Think about your tone and what other mediums you could use within your tweets. Could video work amazingly for your brand? Would it make sense? Can you start adding gifs or images to your posts? Could you create a weekly series or a weekly Twitter chat with your followers?

    You also need to think of your goal. Conversions is not a goal for organic social media, sorry to break it to you. Social is the recommended tool for audience relations. Pull in a new crowd by experimenting with hashtags and you’ll see traffic to your website increase over time.


    When should you not go on Twitter?

    It’s important to stress that just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. People always feel like they have to be on every platform going in case they miss out on something. Twitter isn’t right for every brand or business, so think about what it is you want to get out of tweeting and whether your audience is actually hanging about on Twitter.

    For accountants and other formal type people, Facebook may be a better option, as the audience tends to be older and more likely to do business type things. It’s ok to make generalisations and assumptions because most of the time they’re right!

    More women use Pinterest than men and more millennials use Twitter than those 40+. These are things you need to look at and at first, you may need to dive into Twitter analytics and Google Analytics to see who exactly your audience is and how they like to get to your content.




    What are some of the dangers of Twitter?

    I quickly threw out a warning at the beginning of this post about social media and the minefields that lie within, by this I just mean, you have to be careful what you say.

    Pay attention to things in the news and have a look at your scheduled tweets, could they be linked to a tragic or sensitive news story? Could someone take your meaning the wrong way?

    Obviously, you can’t please everybody and in this day and age, peeps love to get offended! Just be self-aware and try and keep up with other things being said within your community and in society.

    Another danger to point out is customer service issues. If you know for a fact that your customer service is lacking and people love to complain about your products, do not go on social media. Clear up your act and then get on there. Creating a Twitter account, in particular, leaves you wide open for people to say anything and everything about you or your brand, so make sure you have a clean reputation before diving in there.



    Using Twitter for Business

    So that’s pretty much how and why to use Twitter for business! Connect with your audience, build brand identity, manage customer relations and bring in more interest and website traffic! All this marketing and all it takes is a little bit of time and creativity.

    If you have read all this and think ‘Oh my god! I’m terrified I’ll do something wrong! I still have no idea what I’m doing!!‘ calm down, you’re being hysterical! I am here to take you by the hand, answer all of your questions or even give you a little strategy to start you off. If you’d like a little extra helping hand, check out my online services or contact me using my trusty contact form, I’m always happy to help!