7 Time Saving Social Media Hacks

What’s that you say? You don’t have any free time to work on your social media marketing? I hear ya, that stuff takes up a huge amount of time and effort!

People don’t realise just how time-consuming it can be to get your social up to scratch, to constantly post just so you never leave the public eye and people don’t forget about you. But do not fear, there are ways you can keep up on your social media game and still have enough time to actually work on your business!

With just a few simple tips and tools, you’ll be able to cut the time you need to spend on social in half, maybe even more! Whaat?! I know, it’s amazing.

Time Saving Social Media Hacks

7 Social Media Hacks to Save You Time!

Automatic hashtags

You know when you are sat there typing in the never-ending stream of hashtags on Instagram? You’re probably using the same hashtags again and again, so why not make things a little quicker!

There’s a sneaky little phone hack that can make life a hell of a lot simpler. If you’ve got an iPhone, all you have to do is set up text replacement in your general settings. These shortcuts allow you to type in one codeword and bam! All of your hashtags just magically appear! Let me demonstrate…

Go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > + 

When it asks for ‘phrase’ this is where you put what hashtags you want to list, so for example, in the ‘phrase’ box you’d type in something like #art #photographer #artist #artistsofinstagram.

Then, in the ‘shortcut’ box you type in the word that you want to use as the shortcut word. This might be something like ‘hashart’ or words to that effect.

Once you’ve saved it, all you have to do is type your shortcut and all of your hashtags will appear in the suggested words section at the bottom. Click it and boom! All your hashtags will be automatically added.


Use Zapier to automate everything!

Zapier is a very handy IFFT tool (If this, then that) and it helps massively when trying to automate all of your social accounts. I have Zapier automation set up so anything I post on my Instagram account automatically gets posted on Pinterest.

Zapier has tons of different integrations, some of the social media ones you can choose from are:

  • Share Instagram photos on Twitter automatically
  • Tweet your new WordPress posts automatically
  • Post image tweets from new Pinterest posts
  • Share new WordPress posts on Pinterest

Setting up your Zapier automation couldn’t be easier. Just log in to your accounts and Zapier does everything else for you!



Once you’ve set them up, you don’t need to do anything else, just sit back and post to one social media account and it will be distributed to all your other social accounts.


Pre-prepare your Instagram posts in advance

Did you know that you can line up all of your Instagram in advance, then all you have to do is push a post button and it will jump on over to your Instagram account.


In Buffer, you choose which image you want to post on Instagram and type out your caption and hashtags. Then you can schedule it and when the time comes, Buffer will send you a little push notification to your phone and all you have to do is click post.

Unfortunately, you can’t get it to post automatically, SORT IT OUT INSTAGRAM! But it does save a chunk of time to pre-prepare your Instagram posts before you need to post!


Go on a scheduling spree

It might be a pain in the backside to do, but getting all of your social media posts lined up for the week can be a huge time saver during those long work days. Spend your Monday-Friday focusing on your business and spend an hour or two on a Sunday to get all of your social posts lined up and ready to go.

Using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite will allow you to write and schedule your posts and attach any images or videos you want to post out. They even come with handy apps that you can use whenever and wherever you need them.


Re-purpose old content

Got some images from a few years ago that you think aren’t relevant anymore? Wrong! All content is relevant at all times unless it’s seasonal, which is why what we call ‘evergreen’ content is always the best to create. Evergreen content is any content that is relevant no matter the time of year.

Take a look in your archives and look at some of the old images, videos or other types of content you have lying about. Have a think about how you could make that content relevant to current events or anything else that may be going on in the world.


Set up automatic weekly reports

Don’t waste time checking your social media every 5 seconds, just set up reports to be sent to you automatically through Google Analytics!

You can create reports to send you all of your social media data and how much traffic your social media is driving traffic back to your website, or if your Facebook ads are actually generating any customers for your business!


Hand it all over to someone else!

All of this sound way too much effort? Why not hire someone to do it all for you!

There’s plenty of people online these days that are more than happy to take control of your social media management and advertising, like me! All those things you hate about managing your social media, that’s my passion in life!

Want to find out more? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we could work together on getting social media in tip-top condition.



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