Using Pinterest as your Online Art Gallery

Using Pinterest as an Art Gallery


So you’ve got a spare room filled with canvases, frames, photo albums or sketchbooks. You drag everything to and from craft fairs and competitions, but you long for an easier way to show off your mind blowing work to the world.

Well, this is where Pinterest comes in handy!  

You may or may not be accustomed to Pinterest and if you’ve never logged on, you’re sure to have heard of it at least once in your life. No? Ok well hold on a second.

Pinterest is one of the many, visual social media platforms that allows its users to ‘pin‘ images to ‘boards‘. Think of it as your own online mood board generator. You create these ‘boards‘ that act as visual folders that hold all of the awesome stuff you find on the internet. This also makes Pinterest one of the biggest search engines in the world… whaaat?!


Ok, so why should I care about Pinterest?

Well, for anyone looking to sell creative products, it is the place to be.

Many of its users are women between the ages of 21-50, creative, middle class and lovers of anything art and design. You find armies of women at their laptops ‘pinning‘ their favourite recipes, artwork, designs, photographs and even holiday destinations!

Here’s a few Pinterest stats for ya, just in case you don’t believe me about how popular this platform actually is:

  •  81% of users are female (told ya)
  • 72% of users use it to decide what to buy away from the online world – yup, that means they could see your work and later get in touch with you or even buy from you!
  • Over 5% of website traffic comes from people clicking through from Pinterest!

Hopefully, that’s enough to convince you to at least give Pinterest a shot!


Using Pinterest as your own personal gallery

The layout of Pinterest’s ‘boards‘ make it the perfect platform for creating your own, personal online art gallery!

Pinterest art layout example

Look at it! It’s practically set up like one of those fancy art galleries! 

You can now display your work to 10x the amount of art lovers than if you displayed it in a classic art gallery. That means you don’t have to jump through all those hoops and tackle the applications that can come with trying to get your work displayed in a traditional gallery!

You can even host your own exhibitions! Create a different board for every exhibition you want to promote and start inviting people over for a cheeky peek!

Want to collaborate with another like-minded creative? You can even create shared boards to get double the amount of eyeballs on your work!


How to get started on Pinterest

Just head on over to Pinterest and sign-up for an account. You can then start setting up boards for your own work and start pinning stuff you love as well!

Attract people to your other boards by pinning awesome stuff straight from websites, online stores and your own website (especially from your own website!). Whatever you ‘pin‘ to your boards, will also have a link to the website on which you found it. So for example:

Say you were cruising along on the web and you came across an awesome piece of art on someone’s website and you think ‘ooohhh that’s nice, I’ll save that to look at again later!‘ you can then use the Pinterest internet browser add-on, looks like this:

It’ll pop up with a load of images that it pulls from whatever web page you’re on and you just pick which one you want!

Then, it saves that image on your chosen board and when someone sees it on Pinterest, they can click on it and be taken to the web page you found the image on!

Does that make sense? I hope so!


Driving people back to your website!

Not only does it get your work in front of more eyeballs, but it can also send those people to your website. So, make sure your website looks inviting and all snazzy so that those people want to stay a while and have a mooch around!

Make sure whatever page you’ve pinned an image off on your website, is set up with calls to action (buttons or text that tells a website visitor where to go or what to do, for example, a ‘Buy Now!’ button or a contact form). This ensures that anyone who clicks through to your main website from Pinterest will be enticed to check out more of your work or even buy from you!

Want to learn more about Pinterest? No problemo! Just let me know what areas of Pinterest you want to know more about and I’ll hop to creating more helpful Pinterest content! 





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